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The best VoIP headsets combine the audio quality of headphones with the advantage of a hands-free device that allows you to type, take notes or play games as you chat with people over the internet. The Jabra UC Voice 750 is a USB headset with the all-day comfort, professional design and audio quality.

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Earlier models of the Jabra UC Voice series prioritize voice quality for VoIP calling over other audio applications like music and video. These VoIP headsets are specifically for call centers where the majority of the headset’s use is for calls on UC platforms like Lync and Cisco. However, the audio response frequency of the Jabra Voice 750 model reaches a low of 20Hz and a high of 20kHz. This covers the average frequency range that the average human can hear, making it a great headset for listening to music or games when you’re not on a call.

There are two models available with each model in the series – mono and stereo. The stereo option is the far better choice for an all-around quality listening experience for both VoIP calling and other audio because it provides depth to the sound. However, stereo headsets can cause you to become unaware of your surroundings. Mono headsets, which only have one earpiece, are often the preferred choice for office environments where you need to have an open ear available to co-workers or clients.

Another part of the audio quality is the PeakStop protection. This is an internal EQ system designed to recognize and suppress sudden spikes in the decibel level. This helps to prevent acoustic shock, which can damage your hearing and cause other symptoms like tinnitus, nausea and headaches.

The Jabra UC Voice’s microphone has a frequency response range that is consistent with wideband audio. The low frequencies start at 100Hz and the highs end at 6.8kHz. This is the average frequency range for a USB headset. However, the best USB headsets have a range that starts as low as 18Hz and extends to as high as 16kHz – the average frequency range of the human voice. So while the UC Voice’s microphone is excellent for wideband audio, it’s not ideal for text-to-speech software or vocal recording for podcasts or audio commentaries.

To optimize your voice for VoIP calling, the Jabra UC Voice 750 has an internal noise-reduction system – an active EQ filter that recognizes the background frequencies and filters these from the audio – so that your callers hear your voice over the cacophony of your office or home. In addition, the microphone has a windscreen that absorbs the sound of your breath on the microphone. It also helps to minimize percussive sounds like “P” and “K,” which can cause the audio to clip and distort. It also reduces sibilance – a hissing sound caused by “S” and “Sh.”

A downside to the headset features is the lack of a wireless option. The Jabra UC Voice 750 is marketed as being a headset for mobile employees but keeps you tethered to your computer or laptop with a cord. The nine-foot cord can easily get tangled and caught under desk chair wheels. In addition, the in-line controls mean that you have to search the length of your cord to answer a call or mute a call. Fortunately, the Jabra UC Voice has a clothing clip for the control interface so that you can immediately access it when you need it.

If you’re using your UC headset for work or telecommuting, then you’ll be wearing it for hours at a time. The Jabra UC Voice is designed with this in mind. The earpieces and headband pads are made of a soft leatherette material. The one downside to the design is the on-ear speakers. This design places the horizontal pressure of the headset on the ear, which can cause soreness from all-day wear. A closed-ear design is preferred because it places the pressure on your skull instead of the cartilage of your ear.

All the UC headsets in the Jabra UC Voice series come with a two-year warranty. This is the industry standard. Jabra also offers great support services. You can find all the guides and manuals for the headset, and you can consult the glossary and FAQs page for unfamiliar terms and answers to common questions. The only help service that Jabra lacks is 24/7 phone support.

The Jabra UC Voice 750 is one of the best VoIP headsets because it has the frequency response range for optimal audio reproduction – 20Hz to 20kHz. This allows you to use it like headphones for listening to music and for playing games. Also, with the PeakStop protection and comfort features, you can wear this headset all day with the confidence that a sudden acoustic burst won’t damage your hearing. However, while the microphone has an excellent noise cancellation system, the frequency response range is only average.

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