Plantronics Electronic Hookswitch Adaptor – Siemens

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Optipoint 410, 420, 500, 600, Openstage 40, 60, 80


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Plantronics Electronic Hookswitch Adaptor

Electronic Hook Switch Cable for remote desk phone call control (answer/end). This cable eliminates the need for a HL10 Handset Lifter. This cable works with a variety of desk phones (Siemens, Funwerk, Auerswald, Agfeo, Aastra, DTeWe) and may work with additional manufacturers, check with our Product Configurator for more information. Replacement Note: The APS-11 EHS cable replaces the APS-10 cable and features compatibility with the Plantronics On-line Indicator accessory.

Compatible with: Aastra OpenPhone 71, OpenPhone 73, OpenPhone 75, OpenPhone 73 IP, OpenPhone 75 IP, Office 70, Office 80, Office 70IP, Office 80IP

Aastra 6771, Aastra 6773, Aastra 6775, Aastra 6773 IP, Aastra 6775 IP, Aastra 5370, Aastra 5380, Aastra 5370 IP, Aastra 5380 IP

Aastra 6753i, 6755i, 6757i, 6757i CT – Require Part-No: D0062-0011-34-00 – AASTRA DHSG CABLE KIT – See below.

Compatible with Siemens OpenStage 40, OpenStage 60, OpenStage 80, Optipoint 410 with acoustic adaptor, Optipoint 420 with acoustic adaptor, Optipoint 500 with acoustic adaptor, Optipoint 600 with acoustic adaptor

Compatible with Agfeo ST30 (HS-Module 30 required), ST31, ST40

Compatible with Auserwald COMfortel 2500

Compatible with Funkwerk CS290-U, CS410, CS410-U, IP-S400

Compatible with Swyx L420s, L440, L520s, L540

Compatible with T-Com Comfort Pro 100, Comfort Pro 300, Comfort Pro 300 IP, Comfort Pro 500, Comfort Pro 500 IP, F20, F30, F40, F50, F640, F660, F680, F31IP, L420s, F41 IP, L440

Note 1 = Phone and headset can go out of sync – answering headset will hang-up phone. User must answer and end from headset.
Note 2 = Special unit required – has bi-directional communications

AASTRA DHSG CABLE KIT –  needed with all Electronic Hook Switches

Required for Aastra 6753i, 6755i, 6757i & 6757i-CT
Aastra Part Number: Aastra-D0062-0011-34-00

Product Description

Electronic Hook Switch is a feature that allows you to answer your phone using your
wireless VoIP headset without the need for a Handset Lifter or corded solution.

There are four requirements that must be met for EHS/DHSG to work properly on your
Aastra phones.

• Requirement 1: Download and upgrade your Aastra EHS/DHSG Compliant
model to software release or later.

• Requirement 2: You use a supported Wireless headset. A list of confirmed
supported wireless headsets per Aastra is below: – Plantronics CS55, CS70N,
CS351N, and CS361N.

• Requirement 3: Depending on which wireless headset you are using, each
model will require a “special” EHS/DHSG cable, that YOU MUST use, such
as: – Plantronics APS-1 Cable

• Requirement 4: All phones will require an Aastra DHSG cable. The DHSG cable
will connect to your Aastra phone, then couple to your Electronic Hook Switch
such as the Plantronics APS-1 EHS cable. No EHS cable will connect directly to
the Aastra phone. (You will need Aastra Part Number: D0062-0011-34-00, you
must get from Aastra)

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