Sennheiser PRESENCE Grey UC Wireless In-Ear Headset

Designed for the mobile professional, the PRESENCE Grey UC Wireless In-Ear Headset from Sennheiser features three microphones and a suite of noise-filtering technologies. Together they help to provide you with clear calls no matter where you are. Join a conference call from the car or take an important client call at the airport.
Key Features
  • Three Built-In Microphones
  • Multiple Noise Filtering Technologies
  • Up to 10 Hours of Talk Time
  • Certified for Skype for Business
  • Optimized for UC
  • Sliding Boom Mic Answers/Ends Calls
  • USB Type-A Bluetooth Dongle Included
  • Seamless Switching Between PC/Mobile
  • Built-In Google/Siri Assistant Button
  • Wearable on Left or Right Ear

NOW $236.50 ex. GST



The Sennheiser PRESENCE Grey UC Wireless In-Ear Headset is a premium headset for mobile unified communication professionals, who require consistently optimal HD sound and HD voice clarity around the office, in the car, and outdoors. The PRESENCE headset features real-time battery monitoring via the iPhone battery meter. It is compatible with Microsoft Lync and is designed for multi-connectivity, allowing users to switch seamlessly between softphone and mobile calls, while enjoying the freedom of mobile wireless connectivity. PRESENCE is compatible with Bluetooth version 4.0 wireless technology and hands-free profile 1.6.

Adaptable Sound
PRESENCE headset comes with three digital microphones, which provides optimal speech intelligibility in all sound environments, both indoors and outdoors.
Optimized Speech Clarity
It automatically adapts to environmental differences to provide you with HD sound while reproducing your voice clearly for listeners, so you can concentrate solely on what’s being said.
Multi Connectivity
You can switch between softphone and mobile calls effectively, by combining your in-office headset and your mobile headset.
Extended Talk Time and Range
PRESENCE delivers up to 10 hours call time between charges and freedom to move up to 82′ from the source device, depending on device and surrounding environment.
Intuitive ON/OFF Function
Intuitive on/off function with sliding microphone boom arm, means you are always in control of your calls.
SpeakFocus Technology
SpeakFocus technology focuses on your voice to deliver crystal-clear sound, making it easy for listeners to hear what you’re saying, even in noisy environments.
WindSafe Technology
WindSafe technology reduces wind noise to ensure that clear sound is sent to your listener.
Maximized UC Performance
Plug and Play compatibility with Microsoft Lync
Hearing Protection
ActiveGard technology protects you from acoustic shock and sudden sound surges.

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